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Distraction Attraction

September 8, 2010

Ok, so I saw this Dilbert cartoon today and couldn’t help but laugh. While the main idea here is the frusteration of Dilbert having to wait how many times have us mothers had this sort of distraction during a phone call or other attention diverting event?

It seems whenever I’m on the phone with my single/fun/childless “insert other non-mothering applicable to 20 something year old adjective here” friend — it’s less than an instant before some important crisis is happening with my son. I call this phenomenon the “Distraction Attraction”.

If my friends from a previous life have something exciting to catch up on and call to tell me about it.. chances are crying choas will begin from my 5 year olds room, or endless excuses to get out of bed will occur. WHY IS THIS?

As much as I find it bothersome, my friends too, will hear the distraction creeping up in the background and offer to just call back. They don’t even wait for me to try to ‘solve’ it anymore.. They already know a solution isn’t what the child is after. It’s the attention from the parent they seek and the child will not stop until they have the undivided attention they crave.

With a second one on the way, I’ve already told my friends, “Do not call and expect a quiet-recipricated conversation until after 1 am.”

Unbenknowst to them, I will probably be passed out from exhaustion by that time. So.. probably I’ll just talk to them all in a few years…

Perhaps I should suggest they have their own children. Then I could feel less guilty about not being able to maintain our friendships because my life has changed and theirs haven’t.

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